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Tour with Vehicle 



Additional cost for hire of vehicle and driver:

Up to 3 ppl     £ 90 for 3hrs

Up to 6 ppl     £ 120 for 3hrs

(for Must Sees/Arts Culture Tours)


Up to 3 ppl     £ 45 for 1.5hrs

Up to 6 ppl     £ 60 for 1.5hrs

(for Essentials Tour)

When you book your Glasgow Tour, you will have the option in the booking system to select this service.

Want a Glasgow Tour that's not just on foot? 

Having a three or five hour walking tour of Glasgow doesn't always suit everyone. Some clients love the idea of of walking around special places, but prefer not to have to walk from key location to location.

Since we are a walking tour company, we decided it was best to find a dedicated travel partner - MS Excursions, to assist you.


We can organise an executive vehicle and a driver to drive you and your personal guide for a more luxurious or easy going tour of Glasgow. That way, Glasgow sightseeing can be done with the best of both worlds.

If you're choosing a private tour of Glasgow, but want to save your aching feet why not choose to have a private driver and car at your disposal?

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