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What to See in George Square Glasgow

George Square Glasgow is named after King George III and stands at the heart of the city. Here you can see some sculptures and statues of pioneer Scotsmen, enjoy fine dining, and admire the historic architecture. The square serves as a gathering place for many big celebrations, such as St Andrew’s Day, and celebrations during Christmas and New Year’s Eve.


At one point, George Square Glasgow was a muddy wasteland and in the 1770s it was transformed into a private garden. It houses the Tourist Information Center, which is a great place to start your tours. Depending on when you go, you can enjoy live music in the square or rente some skates and circle the ice rink in the winter. During the holiday season, the square turns into a sparkling fairground, where you can enjoy traditional rides. It’s within walking distance to many other major attractions and public buses will stop near the square.

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