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The Tale of Two Towers

Glasgow features some of the best historical architectural masterpieces in Scotland. However, there are also several modern examples of a national engineering genius, such as The Glasgow Tower, which is just one of the many great things to see in Glasgow.

It was built in 2001 as a free-standing tower that can rotate 360 degrees around its axis by wind power or using a motor. The shape of the tower is inspired by an airplane wing standing vertically which in both cases (for aircrafts and the tower) reduces wind resistance. The height of the structure of 127 m (417 ft) won it the position of the tallest in the whole of Scotland, with a viewing deck 100 m above the ground that makes your heart beat fast from excitement.

The Glasgow Tower, or Millennium Tower as it was originally called, appeared almost on the same spot where in 1988 stood the Clydesdale Bank Anniversary Tower, one of the wonders of the Garden Festival that took place on the south bank on the river Clyde. The tower was named after the bank that sponsored its construction and whose 150th anniversary was celebrated that year.

It was 73 m tall (240 ft) structure with a ring-shaped platform rotating and going up at the same time. And if you were brave enough to take it, you could get the magnificent view of entire city as a reward. Apparently for Princess Diana who visited the festival this attraction remained quite a nervous experience!

To the regret of the Glaswegians the Clydesdale Bank Tower was sold after the festival, dismantled and re-erected in the Welsh seaside resort of Rhyl under the new name of the Sky Tower.

Probably, the warm memories of the first tower inspired to build a new one even bigger and more grandiose more than 10 years after.

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