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Glasgow & Edinburgh - What's the Difference?

Life is full of competition. Dogs vs Cats, Star Wars vs Star Trek, Tea vs Coffee - the list goes on! Having a bit of healthy competition is good, as it can help you find out what it is you like and what it is you don't. Have you ever noticed that there can be competition between cities? Some residents think theirs is the best one in the world, hands down and no questions asked, while others may have a sneaky hankering for the grass on the other side of the fence. Edinburgh and Glasgow are no different. There are a great deal of differences between them, and similarities too. We're not even going to mention the football teams here - thats for a whole different thread. Read on!

The first, most noticeable difference is that Glasgow is much larger. It is Scotland's most populated city, and the fourth most populated in the whole of the UK. Edinburgh has a much smaller population, and because of this the architecture tends towards older, prettier buildings and having fewer "new" developments in terms of housing. You will probably notice more tourists in Edinburgh, because there are fewer people in general, which can work in your favour because there will be more events (and shopping!) geared towards visitors, rather than people who live there full time.

As you'll find when you go on one of Tours of Glasgow - it's a friendly city. You will notice this if you ever visit - there will always be someone who is willing to tell you about fun things to do in Glasgow, or places to visit in Glasgow. Some people say that Edinburgh may be more cosmopolitan and that people are less willing to stop on street corners and chat to tourists.

Both cities have a vast wealth of amazing cultural events and exciting things to see and do during your stay. Edinburgh, of course, hosts the comedy festival the Edinburgh Fringe, which sees a huge variety of artists you won't see anywhere else coming to perform their comedy gold before an unknown audience. You could be in that crowd! Glasgow, on the other hand, offers such events as the Proms in The Park, and has been host to the international Commonwealth Games.

Glasgow is closer to the Highlands (often a destination after exploring Glasgow attractions) whereas Edinburgh is nearer to England. This means that the native accent is much thicker in Glasgow. You may struggle to understand the locals in Glasgow unless they speak slowly, an effect that can be even more noticeable after a night in the pub! (We make sure that our our Glasgow tour guides are easily understood, don't worry!). Edinburgh being closer to the UK mainland means that the accent is closer to the UK accents, which can be a real draw for tourists, especially those for whom English is not a first language.

Your best bet, when trying to work out the differences between Glasgow and Edinburgh, is to go to both cities and try to decide for yourself which is best. Whether you are looking for Glasgow attractions or Edinburgh wonders, you are sure to find what you are looking for in the wilds of either of these gorgeous Scottish cities.

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