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Glasgow and Proms in the Park

Glasgow is a beautiful Scottish city, steeped in culture, history and character. It is the most populated city in Scotland, and the fourth most populated in the whole of the UK. It is a very popular destination for tourism, for many reasons - the gorgeous architecture to name but one - hence why our Glasgow tour guides are kept so busy. Then there's the breathtaking landscape, the many centuries of history that have gone into making it what it is today - and of course, for its events.

Glasgow is home to a great many cultural events, including sporting occasions, art exhibitions and musical happenings. If you are visiting and you are looking for things to do in Glasgow, the Proms In The Park is well worth a look.

The Proms is a well known, well loved summer season of classical music concerts, and it is a significant event in British culture. Not quite as ingrained in the British psyche as the cup of tea, but it's pretty close! The Proms originated in London around the 18th century, and were so called because the public were able to "promenade" (that's walk about, to you and me) while listening to the music. If you are a fan of classical music, British culture and you happen to be visiting Glasgow, then the Proms In The Park is an absolute must.

Held on Glasgow Green, the oldest park in the city, you will be able to experience a bit more interesting Scottish culture as you wander about enjoying the music. The park has been home to Bonnie Prince Charlie's army, suffragettes, and in more recent years, the Commonwealth Games, so you will be walking around on hundreds of years of history! If finding out snippets about where you are is your thing, you will be able to find out all sorts about the history of the green as you walk through it. If you like getting to know local people then simply get chatting to a fellow Promenader - everyone likes to tell tourists fun and interesting facts about their home town!

The Proms events are now run by the BBC, another ubiquitous British institution, and they do a really good job of organising it so it is the most enjoyable event that it can be. At the Glasgow proms in the park, you will be treated to not only some well known musical acts such as Sophie Ellis-Bextor and Elizabeth Watts, but also the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra performing well known classical numbers. As if this wasn't enough, your ears will also be treated to some traditional Scottish music, with well known jigs and reels to get your feet tapping.

If you happen to be visiting Scotland's largest city over the summer and you are looking for fun things to do in Glasgow, look no further. What better way to immerse yourself in some local culture than by experiencing one of the country's best-loved music festivals? You will be able to enjoy Glasgow sightseeing at the same time, as you will be able to wander around freely while enjoying the music. For Glasgow attractions, the Proms In The Park is right up there with the finest!

A visit Glasgow Green forms part of our Glasgow Attractions and Glasgow Attractions Mini Tours.

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