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Glasgow Doors Open Days Festival

Glasgow is a notoriously friendly place. People all throughout the city will talk to you, offer advice about places to visit in Glasgow, Glasgow sightseeing and Glasgow attractions. Glasgow open doors week may fool you into thinking that all the locals are ready to throw open their houses and offer you cups of tea and ‘craic’ in their own homes - this is not what this event is about! It is equally as inviting as the name sounds though, you'll be pleased to hear.

Glasgow Doors Open Days Festival has been running since 1990, so it is by now an established event which is well known and loved across the world. It is an event to celebrate the city's culture, heritage and architecture - and it's free, which is a huge bonus! It's a really exciting event that Glaswegians are proud of, and deservedly so.

This is a great opportunity to experience a huge selection of Glasgow's finest historic buildings, factories, breweries and studios - especially places you would not normally see on Glasgow Tours. You can enjoy just simply wandering around and admiring the differences in architecture and building design, or you can indulge in historic guides through the different buildings, including theatres and art studios, as well as the city of Glasgow itself. You can also take part in workshops such as making chapatis, demonstrations of synchronised swimming and open air concerts. If you are after fun things to do in Glasgow then you really don't need to look any further!

Are you are on holiday with the kids and worried about what to do to keep them entertained? The Glasgow Open Doors Week can help you out here too. There are so many things that will keep your kids quiet! From historic tours of Glasgow's medieval past to a skateboarder's eye view of the city for the older teen, there are enough bits and bobs to keep even the most bored teenager and hard to please child happily occupied. You can find dedicated events for children; get them hooked on history and pique their interest in architecture. If that all fails, let them run riot and buy them an ice cream!

The Open Doors event started out as a weekend of open houses, and has evolved into this informative and interesting week-long extravaganza, It's a great way to see a part of Glasgow that you wouldn't normally see, and a truly fantastic way to get to know a bit of Glasgow in its past and present guises. As Glasgow attractions go, this one is up there with the best!

You can use it as an excuse to wander about and get a feel for the city itself, as well as getting a bit up close and personal with some of the less well known parts of Glasgow, If you've ever wanted to have a good look at the inner workings of a brewery (hic) or have a guided walk around some parts of Glasgow you might otherwise not have visited, check out the Open Doors event for an intimate and interesting look at a celebrated city.

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