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5 City Tour Bus Mythbusters

When we travel we want to make the most of our precious time, to see the sights of the place we visit, and discover its secrets and to gain an insight into its history and culture.

One way to do a sightseeing tour would be a typical ‘city bus tour’ which promise to give a unique experience to travellers. Here’s 5 myth-busting things to know about city tours by bus:

City tour by bus

City Tour Bus Myth 1:

You'll meet like-minded travellers from all over the world!

It’s a bit like public transport, which goes on its fixed route around the city. How often do you travel on a bus and start chatting to a stranger?

When you go around the city with a private tour guide you can be sure that you make at least one new friend, with whom you can chat, ask anything you want, whenever you want - especially when you have a coffee break together.

City Tour Bus Myth 2:

Travel at your own pace, manage your own schedule

While on the hop on hop off bus you’re mostly on your own, and if you didn’t really prepare well to your trip you don’t know where is best to go and what to see. Where exactly are the best places to hop on and off, and what can you learn once you’ve hopped off?

And once you’ve seen a sight, and perhaps understood little about it, you need to catch another bus, which might mean waiting - nobody likes waiting for a bus do they?

A private walking tour is designed to meet the expectations of the most curious guests, and it’s adapted to your pace. There should be no waiting around as you choose when to start your tour, and you have a good idea when it will finish. If the tour provider is a good one, they’ll even meet you at your accommodation - there’s no awkward waiting next to a monument, wondering if the person in the funny hat waving a flag is going to arrive.

City Tour Bus Myth 3:

You don’t have to worry about driving and see all the Must-See locations

Bus routes are designed to visit the most attractions, but there is always a good bit of places that the buses can’t physically reach. Also, getting to know a new place doesn’t always imply you have to drive to see everything.

There are great private walking tours that cover the most interesting sights of the city, sometimes getting into the ‘nooks and crannies’ and you don’t have to think about driving (possibly on the wrong side of the road) at all. It doesn’t mean you have to walk a marathon either a good private tour guide should adjust the tour so that it will be comfortable and enjoyable at the same time.

City Tour Bus Myth 4:

Experience meaningful travel and learn about the culture

One of the main features of the sightseeing buses is the audio guide in many languages that tells you a whole bunch facts about that places as you whizz by them. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to ask questions or to learn a bit more, after you’ve passed the place, unless you hop off the bus with a guide book in your hands and read it. But by the time you’ve thought about it, it’s too late - it’s already gone!

There can be live guides on such buses, which makes the storytelling a bit more personal, but still doesn’t solve the problem of just a sprinkle of knowledge of a passing scenery. There’s likely not much chance to ask a question or clarification. Also these guides cannot do the tour in several languages at a time. But what if you’re not a native English speaker?

A private tour guide gives you a time to breathe in the information. You can stop, ask questions, contemplate and make some decent pictures to show you family and friends! And quite often those people speak several languages.

City Tour Bus Myth 5:

It’s more scenic – less stressful and less tiring

Taking a bus tour supposedly reduces the stress of planning the route and deciding where to go, but hopping off in an unknown spot, finding yourself in the crowds of other fellow travellers, trying to decide when to get back to the bus can be stressful. In a way it does save a lot of effort taking a bus tour, but only if you hate a bit of exercise, and haven’t got the energy to be inquisitive about what glides past you.

While you are on a private walking tour you can be sure that you’ll be taken good care of. Your private tour guide will take you the most comfortable way around the city and is always happy to adjust the tour to your pace and needs (including the stomach or the bladder). It’s not stressful because you’re experience should be the main focus of the city tour.

It’s up to you to decide which way to travel and how to get to know places, different methods have their pros and cons, but at Glasgow Private Tours we are committed to making your Glasgow Sightseeing experience as engaging and interesting as possible. A Glasgow tour with us should be a personal and memorable experience, and you’ll really feel you’ve got to know this amazing city.

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