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St Mungo's first two miracles

In an earlier Glasgow Private Tours blog we talked about how St Mungo came into the world, and how he was brought up by the kindly Saint Serf.

However, things weren’t always smooth at the monastery. Other students were a bit jealous of him and frankly, a bit mean. For instance

First miracle of St Mungo

they put out the monastery fire at night, which the dozing Mungo was supposed to be in charge of. When he woke up and realised what had happened, he broke off some frozen branches from a nearby tree, prayed and made them burst into flames. This was the first of his miracles.

Later on, things got a little out of hand when those same students caught St. Serf’s pet bird and killed it in order to blame Mungo. The plan backfired however when Mungo took the a poor creature in his hands and prayed over it. The next thing he knew it it came to life and sang. Miracles number two and slightly more impressive.

Second miracle of St Mungo

Moving on in time, at 25 Mungo left the monastery to finish his training at the house of a holy man named Fergus who was about to die soon. Fergus asked Mungo to take his body and put it in a cart pulled by two untamed bulls. In the place where the animals would stop the young Mungo was instructed to bury him.

Moving westwards the bulls stopped in a lush field and Mungo acted according to the instructions. There he also built a place of worship for himself and called the place “Glaschu” – dear green place. Sound familiar? As you’ll find out if you take our Glasgow Must Sees tour, The Glasgow Cathedral in the very heart of the city is where Mungo’s original wooden church stood.

Want to know about more of St Mungo’s amazing deeds? His other two miracles will feature in our third and final blog about the patron saint of Glasgow.

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