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5 More Reasons to Avoid Glasgow

If our previous post didn’t keep you away, and you're still not convinced you should go to Edinburgh instead, here some more reasons to avoid Glasgow:

It’s poorly educated

Just because Glasgow University is one of the four oldest universities in the UK (founded in 1451) doesn’t mean we care it’s played a part in the invention of the steam engine, the telephone, or the televison. They didn’t even want to film Harry Potter here – it was too authentic. And even though Glasgow possesses one of the oldest and largest libraries in Europe – nobody reads nowadays. Oh, and university education is so bad in Glasgow, it’s free – they have to give it away!

It risks putting bottle water companies out of business

Who wants tap water to taste nice and to be refreshing. Why would we want soft water in our tea? What are we going to recycle if we don’t use all those bottles?

“Dear Green place”? Nonsense!

According to the legend, St Mungo (a patron of the city) named the place ‘Glaschu’ – meaning dear green place. He was exaggerating. There is hardly any trace of greenery in the city; the Botanic Gardens, Glasgow Green, Dawsholm Park, Queen’s Park, Kelvingrove Park etc are just some of twenty-odd parks – nothing much to write home about. It’s not clear why so many Glaswegians jog, cycle, and walk there, and there is no reason why you should follow their example! Stick to your smog.

It’s too accessible

Disabled people may not like Glasgow at all. It offers too many possibilities for them – accessible public transport, museums, theatres, pubs and parks. What’s wrong with stairs?

Who let the dogs out?

When your tour guide has finished boring you to death in this dull city, you’ll certainly need a drink. If you have your canine family member with you don’t tell them that there are many pubs in Glasgow where there’s ‘Dugs Welcome’ and you can hang out together, ssshhhh! And If you’re thinking of moving there, don’t let pooch know there are a bunch of professional dogwalkers in Glasgow that you can see having fun in the parks, – it’s a secret!

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