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5 Reasons Never to Visit Glasgow

Glasgow is quite an average city with no special thrills, even if it is the largest Scottish city. Here’s a bunch of reasons why you should think twice before deciding to go on a Glasgow Tour.

1) Historical medieval sights are too boring

Wherever you go in Glasgow you can’t help but encountering some grand buillding, mansion or an old church. May be you will even stumble on the Glasgow Cathedral founded in 1136 (the oldest building in the city). Honestly, why should you spend time on these piles of rubble?

2) Risking your life with wildlife

Little treks in nature are dangerous. One day you discover a jungle-like walkway along the river Kelvin. Another day you may find yourself in pursuit of hairy Scottish cows in Pollok Park. What’s next? Climbing the Campsie hills?!

3) Free art and history is for geeks

There are too many museums and art galleries in Glasgow. From the magnificent Kelvingrove Art Gallery (despite it’s stunning beauty, it’s architect is said to have commited suicide) the Riverside Museum (designed by a little known architect Zaha Hadid) to the Gallery of Modern Art. Do you really want to know what the Scottish dinosaurs look like?, or see a real aeroplane from the Royal Air Force? Who cares that Dali’s most famous painting belongs to Glasgow!?

4) Huge street art? What an eyesore!

If you like everything to be in order (paintings on the canvas, road cones on the road) Glasgow is definitely not for you. You can get a head spinning and even a neck aching from contemplating huge graffiti all over the city!

5) People should mind their own business

People in Glasgow are too open – they can quite happily chat to you on the street. If they see you perplexed or lost it’s so annoying that they want to help – who asked them for directions or tips on where best to go. Stay in your bubble. Avoid them.

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