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A Guide to Merchant City Glasgow

Merchant City Glasgow is one of the oldest quarters and it dates back to the 1750s. It was once home to the warehouses of wealthy traders. Now it is full of restaurants, boutiques, galleries, and cool bars.


The area is the most colorful and vibrant during the annual Merchant City Festival that takes place in July and August. The festival is a centerpiece of the city’s cultural calendar and presents some of the best art and entertainment, along with family activities.


Start exploring Merchant City Glasgow in Royal Exchange Square. This is one of the city’s most expansive urban spaces and is filled with cafes, restaurants, and upmarket retailers. When you head further into Merchant City and go along Ingram Street, this is known as the exclusive fashion boulevard featuring brands such as Ralph Lauren and Armani. Miller Street has the award-winning Paesano Pizza, along with many other restaurants and bars.

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