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Later on, things got a little out of hand when those same students caught St. Serf’s pet bird and killed it in order to blame Mungo. The plan backfired however when Mungo took the a poor creature in his hands and prayed over it. The next thing he knew it it came to life and sang. Miracles number two and slightly more impressive.

As your Glasgow tour guide will point on West End tour of Glasgow,  The College, as it was originally called, started on the premises of Glasgow Cathedral and later on was given its own land nearby on the High Street. By the mid 19th century it was such a polluted location to the industrial revolution, and it was decided to move The College westward...

One of the buried gems of Glasgow is the Necropolis that lies behind Glasgow Cathedral, and is visited as part of our ‘Glasgow Must See’s’ tour. You might be forgiven for thinking that it’s the oldest cemetery within the boundaries of the city, but it’s not.

It was founded only in the first half of the 19th century on territory purchased by the Glasg...

The kilt is the brightest symbol of Scottish national identity and it can be seen nowadays all over the world as it has become quite a fashionable dress not just within Scotland itself.

If you are on a tour about Glasgow or any other Scottish city you will definitively see people wearing the kilt. How old is it and does it come from?

After the Gloriou...

Thistles can be found everywhere in Scotland – not only in parks and the countryside. Any sightseer on a Tour of Glasgow City is bound to see one. This emblem crops up on the strip of the international rugby team and football clubs, local and major organisations and even on the uniforms of police officers. It’s also the symbol that greets people arr...

Glasgow is known as a ‘Dear Green Place’ and that’s absolutely justifiable. It has a great variety of parks and forests. One of the most popular parks is to th

One of the places in Glasgow that has attracted people’s interest for more than a century is its Necropolis featured on our Tour of Glasgow City. Since its open

A question often asked on our Glasgow Tours if there is any connection between Scotland and Russia. Well, there is. In 2007 the Scottish Tartans Authority gift

You can’t imagine a tour of Glasgow without seeing the statue of Viscount Arthur Wellesley   (1769-1852), 1st Duke of Wellington, atop a horse wearing a traff

Every good tour of Glasgow or any other city has to include myths and legends, which Scotland is full of. One of them is that the playing card the nine of diamo

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