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St Andrew the Patron of Scotland

People often ask about the Scottish flag or ‘saltire’ which is also seen within the flag of Great Britain; the Union Jack. The Union Jack dates back to the union of Great Britain and Ireland in 1801. The flag combines aspects of three national flags: the red cross of St George of the Kingdom of England, the white salt...

The kilt is the brightest symbol of Scottish national identity and it can be seen nowadays all over the world as it has become quite a fashionable dress not just within Scotland itself.

If you are on a tour about Glasgow or any other Scottish city you will definitively see people wearing the kilt. How old is it and does it come from?

After the Gloriou...

Thistles can be found everywhere in Scotland – not only in parks and the countryside. Any sightseer on a Tour of Glasgow City is bound to see one. This emblem crops up on the strip of the international rugby team and football clubs, local and major organisations and even on the uniforms of police officers. It’s also the symbol that greets people arr...

At the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century International Exhibitions became very popular. The first 'world fair' had taken place in London in 1756, with the French adopting the tradition from the 1790s onwards. However, the 1851 Crystal Palace exhibition in London set a new standard and fashion for exhibitions of industry and cultu...

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