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Glasgow is known as a ‘Dear Green Place’ and that’s absolutely justifiable. It has a great variety of parks and forests. One of the most popular parks is to th

One of the places in Glasgow that has attracted people’s interest for more than a century is its Necropolis featured on our Tour of Glasgow City. Since its open

A question often asked on our Glasgow Tours if there is any connection between Scotland and Russia. Well, there is. In 2007 the Scottish Tartans Authority gift

You can’t imagine a tour of Glasgow without seeing the statue of Viscount Arthur Wellesley   (1769-1852), 1st Duke of Wellington, atop a horse wearing a traff

Every good tour of Glasgow or any other city has to include myths and legends, which Scotland is full of. One of them is that the playing card the nine of diamo

Anna was born in January 1881. Her father, an ordinary soldier, died when the baby was barely two years old without leaving a will or a position in life. Later

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