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How to See Glasgow History on Your Trip

Glasgow is full of history. All you have to do is take note of some of the buildings and images from the past can enter your mind. From the architectural masterpieces to statues, if you are interested in Glasgow history there is plenty to see.


Visit Museums: There are plenty of museums to see, with different pieces of history in each. Provand's Lordship is a medieval house museum full of 17th-century furniture, royal portraits, and beautiful brickwork. The Tall Ship at Riverside museum will allow you to dive into maritime Glasgow history.


Historic Buildings: Some of the historic buildings that showcase Glasgow history include the Glasgow Cathedral, City Chambers, and the Mackintosh House.


Other Monuments: The Duke of Wellington Statue is a classic and an integral part of Glasgow. The Finnieston Crane is not your typical monument but yet still makes a statement. The crane has retired from its days of loading cargo onto different ships and now acts as a watchful eye over the city.

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