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Take Advantage of Free Walking Tour Glasgow Options

There are plenty of free walking tour Glasgow options so that you can enjoy your visit to the city


If you are into street art, the City Center Mural Trail is a self-guided walk through the city center of Glasgow and shows some of the colorful murals that are done by local artists. The local tourism board has created a downloadable trail, which will help navigate you to the murals and give you a bit of information about each one.


While there isn’t an official art trail, you can still create your own self-guided tour in order to visit local artists, design shops, and studios.


The City Chambers tour will be led by an employee of the City Chambers and will give you a peek into one of the city’s most extravagant buildings. There isn’t a fixed route through the building or a set duration of the tour but the guide will do his or her best to show you as much as possible.

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