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What to Pack on a City Sightseeing Glasgow Vacation

When going on a city sightseeing Glasgow vacation, you want to make sure you are comfortable while still being chic.


Look for items that will do double duty with colors that complement your style. In many cities such as Glasgow, you can’t go wrong with black. Don’t overstuff your bag since it can be hard to wrestle a big suitcase on a subway or bus.


Be sure to invest in a good pair of walking shoes since city sightseeing Glasgow vacations can involve a lot of walking. Try them out before you go so you aren’t limping around the city with big blisters.


If you are visiting churches or religious structures, you may want to leave the shorts at home and consider skirts or loose-fitting capris. Colorful scarves won’t take up much room in your suitcase and can transform any blah outfit or allow you to repeat outfits. Leave any expensive jewelry that you wouldn’t want to lose at home.

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