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Glasgow is a notoriously friendly place. People all through throughout the city will talk to you, offer advice about places to visit in Glasgow, Glasgow sightseeing and Glasgow attractions. Glasgow open doors week may fool you into thinking that all the locals are ready to throw open their houses and offer you cups of tea and craic in their own homes - this is not what this event is about! It is equally as inviting as the name sounds though, you'll be pleased to hear. Glasgow Doors Open Days Festival has been running since 1990, so it is by now an established event which is well known and loved across the world. It is an event to celebrate the city's culture, heritage and architecture - and

Glasgow and Proms in the Park

Glasgow is a beautiful Scottish city, steeped in culture, history and character. It is the most populated city in Scotland, and the fourth most populated in the whole of the UK. It is a very popular destination for tourism, for many reasons - the gorgeous architecture to name but one - hence why our Glasgow tour guides are kept so busy. Then there's the breathtaking landscape, the many centuries of history that have gone into making it what it is today - and of course, for its events. Glasgow is home to a great many cultural events, including sporting occasions, art exhibitions and musical happenings. If you are visiting and you are looking for things to do in Glasgow, the Proms In The Park

Glasgow & Edinburgh - What's the Difference?

Life is full of competition. Dogs vs Cats, Star Wars vs Star Trek, Tea vs Coffee - the list goes on! Having a bit of healthy competition is good, as it can help you find out what it is you like and what it is you don't. Have you ever noticed that there can be competition between cities? Some residents think theirs is the best one in the world, hands down and no questions asked, while others may have a sneaky hankering for the grass on the other side of the fence. Edinburgh and Glasgow are no different. There are a great deal of differences between them, and similarities too. We're not even going to mention the football teams here - thats for a whole different thread. Read on! The first, most

Glasgow and the Commonwealth Games

When you think of Glasgow attractions, you generally think of rolling mountains, wild landscapes - and whisky, of course! Sporting events aren't necessarily high on the list of Scotland's achievements, unless you're into rugby. However, the city of Glasgow has been host to one of the world's biggest sporting events: the Commonwealth Games. Glasgow was selected in 2009 to hold the Commonwealth Games in 2014, beating off competition from Nigeria to win the title. Sadly, Glasgow Private Tours wasn't quite formed at the time! It was the biggest sporting event ever to be held in Scotland, with even more competitors and sporting events than in Edinburgh in 1970 and 1986. Commonwealth Games in Glas

The History of Glasgow's Subway System

Most big cities have a subway, or underground train system, to get you about the place quickly and easily. This is a fast and convenient way to get around, and it can help reduce congestion and pollution. Glasgow's subway system is well known and well loved, for good reason! Glasgow's subway is the third oldest underground train system in the entire world, only behind London and Budapest. It was opened in December 1896 (there's a useful pub quiz fact for you!) and has continued to run smoothly for more than a century. There was one reported incident on the evening of the opening day, where a carriage with 60 passengers was rammed into by another, underneath the River Clyde. No one died, but

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