The Tale of Two Towers

Glasgow features some of the best historical architectural masterpieces in Scotland. However, there are also several modern examples of a national engineering genius, such as The Glasgow Tower, which is just one of the many great things to see in Glasgow. It was built in 2001 as a free-standing tower that can rotate 360 degrees around its axis by wind power or using a motor. The shape of the tower is inspired by an airplane wing standing vertically which in both cases (for aircrafts and the tower) reduces wind resistance. The height of the structure of 127 m (417 ft) won it the position of the tallest in the whole of Scotland, with a viewing deck 100 m above the ground that makes your heart

The Oldest House in Glasgow

Glasgow boasts a pretty long history dating back as to the 6th century with Saint Mungo as its first preacher. Clearly, the buildings of those distant times wouldn’t survive, especially in the climate like in Scotland. Nevertheless, the Cathedral originates from the early 1100s being the oldest religious structure of Glasgow. The Cathedral is one of the key places to visit in Glasgow, but just a few yards away there is another ancient structure. In terms of the oldest civic architecture we encounter a house with a very peculiar name – Provand’s Lordship. Originally it was built in 1471 as a part of a hospital for poor people and was run by a priest. But after a while a laird (or Lord) of Pro

Sightseeing Glasgow: More Notable Buildings

There are so many Glasgow attractions, so many notable things to see in Glasgow, but here’s a few more buildings worthy of a mention Templeton’s Carpet Factory (1889) James Templeton started a business of making shawls and through developing his weaving techniques he decided to turn his attention to carpet weaving. It was wise decision, as by 1914 he was the biggest carpet manufacturer in the UK. The building that houses the factory is situated on the edge of Glasgow Green and looks itself a bit like a bright carpet. Its architect William Leiper was most likely inspired by the Doge Palace in Venice, though he enhanced its colour scheme tremendously to associate it with its business purpose.

Some Things to See in Glasgow

Glasgow happens to be among the oldest cities in Scotland. It is also considered to be part of the most welcoming places in the world, given its warm and inviting locals. Apart from the rich history that exists here, there is a ton of reasons anybody would want to visit. From sightseeing to shopping and numerous other fun activities, you can never run out of Glasgow attractions to explore. There are so many things to see in Glasgow, it’s definitely worth making it part of your Scottish vacation. Here are just a few examples of what to do in Glasgow Visit Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum This is one of the most popular places to visit in the city. Located on the banks of the River Kelvin, K

The Tontine Faces or Tontine Heads

In a previous blog we talked about one of the oldest civic building of Glasgow – Provand’s Lordship. It’s beautiful garden is home to a set of 13 carved stone faces that bear the name Tontine, and certainly one of the more unusual things to see in Glasgow. The city of Glasgow started to flourish in the 1700s after the Treaty of Union when Scotland was allowed to trade with English colonies, namely with the Americas. Glasgow geographical location was the most advantageous in the whole Britain as it made the trips two weeks shorter than from any other port. The trade of tobacco, cotton and sugar made Glasgow merchants nouveau riche to the point that they created their own fashion of a scarlet

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