5 City Tour Bus Mythbusters

When we travel we want to make the most of our precious time, to see the sights of the place we visit, and discover its secrets and to gain

Mungo saves a marriage

King Morken of Strathclyde (where contemporary Glasgow is located) didn’t want his people to convert into Christianity and Mungo was forced

St Mungo's first two miracles

Later on, things got a little out of hand when those same students caught St. Serf’s pet bird and killed it in order to blame Mungo. The pla

St Mungo Mother Shocker

No Tour of Glasgow would be complete without a mention of Saint Kentigern - better known as Saint Mungo.  One of the first preachers in Scot

Shocking Experiments

On a  trip to Europe Mary heard a lot about experimenting alchemists and galvanism (electricity produced by chemical action). She conceived

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