The University of Glasgow

Anyone contemplating a tour of Glasgow City is bound to be interested in its architecture. There are fewer building more captivating than the University of Glasgow, situated in the the West End of the city. Apart from the Palace of Westminster in London, there is no finer example of Gothic revival architecture in the United Kingdom. With its stunning vaulted undercroft and captivating twin quadrangles, it really is a beautiful sight. The original University was originally situated by Glasgow Cathedral (one of the main feature sites of the Glasgow Must Sees Tour), but this ‘new’ version was established in 1870 - more than 400 years after it originally founded, parts of it being moved to stone

Glasgow Necropolis vs the Père Lachaise Cemetery

One of the buried gems of Glasgow is the Necropolis that lies behind Glasgow Cathedral, and is visited as part of our ‘Glasgow Must See’s’ tour. You might be forgiven for thinking that it’s the oldest cemetery within the boundaries of the city, but it’s not. It was founded only in the first half of the 19th century on territory purchased by the Glasgow Merchants in 1650 for quarrying. However, the western part of it was not suitable for excavations and it was transformed in an arboretum – a fir tree park. By the beginning of the 19th century Glasgow’s industrial revolution and development in that part of the city wasn’t providing the best ecological conditions. The fir trees died and had to

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